Children with Disabilities, Fifth Edition
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Study Questions
  1. What is the definition of specific learning disability (SLD) according to the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities? How does it different from the definition in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997 (IDEA ’97)?

  2. In what areas may a child exhibit SLD? Discuss how the different types of SLD might affect a child’s ability to learn.

  3. Discuss the assessment process for diagnosing SLD. What seven academic areas does IDEA ’97 require to be assessed? What factors could cause a misdiagnosis of SLD?

  4. What methods are used to identify SLD at an early age?

  5. Discuss the different impairments associated with SLD. What adaptations could be made to the curriculum to aid a student with the impairment?

  6. What abilities does executive function involve and why are they necessary for learning to occur?

  7. What types of instructional strategies should you use with children who have SLD? Discuss specific strategies for reading, writing, and arithmetic.

  8. You have a student with SLD who consistently does not turn in homework. You speak to her and become aware of two things: 1) The homework is boring to the student, and 2) the student gets no assistance from home in the completion of homework assignments. What would you do to make the homework more meaningful for the student and to encourage assistance from her parents in completing it?

  9. Some children who have difficulties with academic subjects excel in other areas such as drawing and sports. How do you make sense of this in terms of learning ability?

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